Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scarves Aren't Just for Winter Anymore!

Finally! Someone besides me is discovering that scarves are for Spring, Summer, Fall AND Winter. People tell me all the time that scarves don't sell in the Spring, that I should give up trying. And then I read this great article in the Orlando Sentinal -- in FLORIDA, no less -- about an abundance of scarves in the Spring. Check out the article "There's a New Spin on Scarves" in the March 5 edition. Again, thank you, "Slumdog Millionaire"!


A fan said...

I agree! Scarves make a fashion statement. When I wear a scarf with a business suit it shows creativity and flair. I wear a vivid color to perk up a dark jacket. Professional women who wear unique jewelry or scarves create a brand identity. Embracing color and texture through scarve demonstrates confidence. Plus...who doesn't love the luxurious feel of a silky fabric on the skin?!

Diane said...

I have seen a lot of scarves about this summer time on both men and woman and they definitely seem to be making a summer appearance in the UK. I think they add that extra spark to an outfit and i'm desperately trying to get my partner to take up the craze! I've seen a few really nice scarves over at the great universal website that have caught my eye. Just need to sit him down and show him now :)